Friday, March 16, 2012

Day Sixteen - Mise En Scene

I've been finding these posters around the city. They say things like "Everyone Is Happy. Everyone Is Fine." And "Believe In Us. We Are In Control." And then they all end with the line "This Is The Best Of All Possible Worlds."

They look creepy and very much like 1984. I hope it's a viral marketing thing. I hope it's not real.

Fuck, I just saw the pizza van again. I mean, it doesn't have pizza on the side, but I still recognize it, especially since it followed me all that way. It says "Burning Chrome Plumbing" now, though. Weird.

I'm not taking any chances, though. Back to the road.


  1. Wish you the best of lucks. I'd like to say it gets better... but it really doesn't.

    It gets easier tho. You learn to cope with... well, with everything. Give it a month or two and running will feel completely natural.

    Also, about the posters... Aren't those the ones "The Skeptic" was talking about? Is this for real? Why haven't I seen any?

    Keep updated.

    1. Yeah, I think they're from those Panopticon guys. Which makes them a bit less creepy, since I know why they are there.

      And thanks. Coping is...difficult at the moment.

  2. Burning Chrome. All Tomorrow's Pizza. Whatever else these guys are they're William Gibson fans.

    Just found your blog through your post on mine. Hopefully some of the information I had was useful for you.

    1. It was. It was the reason I bought a utility tool. I still haven't gotten the nerve to buy a gun yet and I'm not sure I would be ready to shoot anyone anyway.

    2. You'll recall I recommended against guns for very good reasons. Among other things some people will ignore a scream (for example from the Proxy you just stabbed) but call the cops about a gun shot. You do NOT want to explain to the cops why you just shot that man and it's hard to run from inside a cell.