Monday, March 19, 2012

(Have a Cigar)

Do you know the truth? Can you tell truth from fiction?

What about the fiction you tell yourselves? The stories to keep the nightmares at bay, that keep you safe and sane? What about the memories, once forgotten, now covered, papered over with falsehoods? Can you tell truth from fiction when you have been telling yourself it is the truth for so long?

We will show you the truth, Adam Krug.

We will strip away the fiction.

We will open your eyes.

And you will thank us.

And you will see.

This is the best of all possible worlds.

1 comment:

  1. Jesus, you actually do believe that bullshit, don't you?

    Why don't you use your power for something useful and actually help us fight this thing? You obviously have plenty of money and influence. Join the runners. Help us organize. Maybe we can pull ourselves out of this mess if we all team up...