Tuesday, March 20, 2012


They're allowing me access to my laptop. So I can tell you guys I'm okay. Stressed but okay.

I'm in a locked room. No windows, only one door. Just a mattress on the floor, no actual bed, so nothing I can use as a weapon. Every time they open the door, there are at least two of them, so they overpower me.

They've been showing me stuff. Films, mainly. They strap me to a chair and then show me some random clips of the ocean or something. I can see words interspersed, like this is a Clockwork Orange or something and they want to brainwash me. But they don't tape my eyes open, so I can still close them. That's what I do most of the time.

And then sometimes, they just project a light onto the wall and then they stand in front of it. I can only see a silhouette of a man then. Nothing else. Today, the silhouetted man told me that I was sick, that I have a virus that they can cure. He said he was going to cure me by telling me the truth.

And then he spun this whole web of lies, about how the Slender Man didn't exist, about how he was just an idea someone had come up with that somehow spread.

Then, to top off this entire charade, he told me I killed my wife. I fucking screamed at him then, but he was silent, didn't even say anything back.

He told me that Olga was having an affair with another teacher. That she was going to leave me. And when I got to the school, I saw her kissing him, which is why I ran into the classroom. And, apparently, murdered her. Which is so completely ridiculous, I started laughing at him.

And then they started showing me fake reports. Fake police reports about domestic abuse - like I would ever hit Olga, like I would ever do anything back to her. And then they showed me some fake testimony from the "teacher" that Olga was supposedly seeing - who was obviously an actor.

Because I know my wife wasn't having an affair. She was afraid for her life, because of the Slender Man. The Slender Man killed her. I know that. That's what happened.

And nothing they say can change what happened.


  1. Sounds like what Doctor Beakman tried to pull on JCarlson. Wonder if these fuckers went to the same school of medicine.

  2. Don't ever forget: This is the truth. It doesn't matter how much they try to prove you wrong.